Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope

Value Added Catalogs

Early-type emission-line stars 11,204 spectra for 10,436 early–type emission–line stars from LAMOST DR2 2016RAA....16..138H Download Hou, W., Luo, A. L., et al. RAA, 2016, 16,138
A sample of galaxy pairs 1102 galaxy pairs identified from SDSS main sample galaxies and complementary galaxies in LAMOST DR2 2016RAA....16...43S Download Shen et al., RAA, 2016, 16,43
background quasars in the vicinity of M31 and M33 1330 new quasars in an area of ∼133 deg2 around M31 and M33 from LAMOST DR2 2015RAA....15.1438H Download Huo, Z. Y., Liu, X. W., Xiang, M. S., et al., 2015, RAA, 15, 8,1438
Red clump (RC) stars About 70,000 (110,000) RC stars with SNR > 15 (10) in blue band from the LSS-GAC (DR2) 2015RAA....15.1240H Huang, Y., Liu, X. W., Zhang, H. W., et al., 2015, RAA, 15, 8, 1240
Candidate members of star clusters 2189 (3559) photometrically- and kinematically-selected candidate members of 24 star clusters from the LAMOST DR2 using LAMOST RV (z*c) 2015RAA....15.1197Z Download Zhang, B., Chen, X. Y., Liu, C., et al., 2015, RAA, 15, 8, 1197
Red clump (RC) stars About 120,000 RC candidates selected from LAMOST DR2 2015RAA....15.1166W Download Wan, J. C., L. Chao, Deng, L. C., et al., 2015, RAA, 15, 8, 1166
Line index for LAMOST DR2 catalog About 40 line indices for 4,136,482 spectra 2015RAA....15.1137L Download Liu, C., Cui, W. Y., Zhang, B., et al., 2015, RAA, 15, 8, 1137
White Dwarf (WD)/WD- main sequence (MS) binary 1056 DA white dwarfs, 34 DB white dwarfs and 276 WD-MS binaries from the LAMOST DR2 2015MNRAS.454.2787G Guo, J. C., Zhao J. K., Tziamtzis, A., et al., 2015, MNRAS, 454, 2787
White Dwarf (WD)/WD- main sequence (MS) binary 1673 WD candidates (309 new genuine) with no previous SDSS spectroscopy from LAMOST DR2 2015MNRAS.452..765G Download Gentile Fusillo, N. P., Rebassa-Mansergas, A., Gänsicke, B. T., et al., 2015, MNRAS, 452, 765
LAMOST observations in the Kepler field 101,086 objects in the Kepler field of view (LAMOST DR2 + unreleased data) 2015ApJS..220...19D Download De Cat P., Fu, J. N., Ren, A. B., et al., 2015, ApJS, 220, 19
The distance for LAMOST DR2 stars About 1.8 million stars with stellar parameters and distance from LAMOST DR2 2015AJ....150....4C Download Description Carlin, J. L., Liu, C., Newberg, H. J., et al., 2015, AJ, 150, 4
K giant stars 715,589 K giant candidates from LAMOST DR2 2014ApJ...790..110L Download Liu, C., Deng, L. C., Carlin, J. L., et al. 2014, ApJ, 790, 110
The distance and extinction for LAMOST DR2 stars about 1.7 million stars (DR2), by Bayesian methods 2016MNRAS.456..672W Download Wang, J. L., Shi, J. R., Zhao, Y. H. et al. 2015, accepted